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Jes Transbøl


“Wolf of Copenhagen” is an impressive 45 metre high art piece that has in a few years become an iconic landmark for Copenhagen. It can be seen from both land, sea and air when arriving at the airport. Because of its size, heritage and location, to me the S2-building is the ‘heart’ of Refshaleøen. In the old days, ships were built here – today the wolf gazes over the many festival-go’ers at Copenhell and other events. The wolf symbolises the raw and unpolished atmosphere, which is a strong component of Refshaleøen’s DNA.

Peter Christensen

Finance Director

Right next to our office at precisely 8 o’clock every day a cannon goes off while the Danish flag is being hoisted. There’s something historic and fantastic about starting a day in that manner—you almost feel like saluting, when you hear the ‘bang’.

Claus Hovmøller Jensen

Director of Development, Project & Planning

On the south-west tip of the island is a point called Sdr. Hoved. From there you’ll get a clear sense of the scale and potentials of the island.

Kirsten Mohr

Business Analyst

I’m standing in front of the building where I work every day. My desk is on the first floor which gives me a great view of the buzzing life out here—especially during the summer.

Anton Tvilstegaard

Head of Rental

At the tip of the quay there’s a unique vibe and feel. In the winter, the place is so tranquil while being a great spot to watch the sunset over the city.

Anders Normann

Historical Consultant

Growing up in Copenhagen S2 has always been a fixture in the skyline, a point of reference so to say, now a days S2 also acts as a backdrop to some of my favorite concerts, Engage and Copenhell.

Poul R. Andersen

Property Inspector

One of our biggest buildings on Refshaleøen is called S2. In the earlier days, the B&W-workers used to build massive ships in there; personally, I don’t think you’ll get a better view of Copenhagen than the one from the top of S2.

Rune Hjortbøl


On the south-east side of our island, you’ll find the old ship dock. Historically it’s been used to do reparations on the big ships. I enjoy coming here in the morning to work on the old industrial structures.

Kasper Hyllested

Head of Communications

Denmark is known for its ‘cosiness’, and nowhere embodies that more than the small Refshaleøen cafe, La Banchina. You can enjoy good food, fresh coffee, natural wine and a beautiful view of the eastern harbour.

Klaus Hahn

The Blue Spot is what characterises Refshaleøen for me—a historic place where the maritime cultural heritage of Denmark, the Navy, the defunct B&W shipyard and the biggest company in Denmark A.P. Møller Mærsk are all present.

Marianne Sand

Executive Secretary

While growing up in Amager I spent many hours at Amager Strand and the harbour of Kastrup, and it’s always been a challenge to have so few boat sites. The Yacht Factory is a wonderful idea that provides more Copenhageners the opportunity to sail (and even store their boats in the winter). The founder, Tom, has a lovely positive energy.

Board of Directors

Kim Simonsen

Union President, HK Danmark

Michael Nellemann Pedersen


Michael Bruhn

CEO, PFA Ejendomme

Anne Charlotte Mark

CFO, Lønmodtagernes Dyrtidsfond

Hasse Jørgensen

CEO, Sampension

Carsten Gröhn

Director of Investments, Pensam

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