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We’re breathing new life into our industrial buildings by repurposing them for forward-thinking initiatives. Unfortunately, we have no available spaces at the moment, but please contact Anton with any ideas or projects you think belong at Refshaleøen.

Refshaleøen is continually evolving and new leases become free every now and then. If you’re interested in being part of our community, please keep yourself updated here.





Available Spaces

Seeking a location for your new project?

Over the past decade, Refshaleøen has collaborated with a broad collection of cultural projects. We’re always looking for ground-breaking events for our outdoor spaces and inventive projects to make the most of our unique area.

Event locations
We believe that events are crucial for the vitality of urban life and culture. Several locations at Refshaleøen are dedicated to hosting imaginative events within art, gastronomy, music, architecture and beyond.

Minefield is an unpolished area on the corner of a pier with an unobstructed harbour view. Fit with a concrete skatepark and just next to the popular street food market Reffen, Minefield can be paired with neighbouring Slipway for events in need of more space.

Size: 5,000 M2

Meadow is a lush grass field with swelling views of The Marble Church, The Opera and even a glance of The Little Mermaid. With direct access to the city by the harbour bus, Meadow is prime territory for festivals, sporting events, conferences and other large gatherings.

Size: 25,000 M2

Slipway is an open patchwork of concrete and grass adaptable to many occasions. It’s diversity and charming raw appeal entail that it’s been used for both concerts and festivals as well as sporting events and theatre productions.

Size: 20,000 M2

Concert venue
The Concert Venue is a place for large symbiotic gatherings. At its summit stands The Wolf of Copenhagen, a towering mural by Copenhagen-based artist Victor Ash filling the 66-meter high wall of the B&W Section Halls.

Size: 45,000 M2

Contact Anton if you want to know more.

Curious about how the spaces have been used in the past?

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